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Areca Palms:
Dypsis lutescens
15gal Arecas
Field Stock Arecas
Areca Palms in Nursery
Exotic Palms & Plant Inventory
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Areca Palms may be the most popular palm used by hotels and estates.  Their amazing beauty and lush thick green palm leaves create an instant and elegant visual barrier.
We carry Areca Palms from 1gal pots to 20gal bags - click on inventory button on left to see exactly what we have at this moment.
Field stock Arecas are an instant  and elegant visual barrier.  We have many field stock Arecas available.
Lovingly cared for from seed or start, the Arecas at the nursery have grown with us for many years, and are wind tolerant.
Below Wholesale Prices when you buy $500 or more!
These are popular trees in mall parking lots with their wood roses and big round fleshy leaves.  They also add a nice layer to landscape creation.
Bottle Palms are an art piece in themselves or can be used amidst other landscapes.  The are a hardy palm.
Phoenix palms, also known as Miniature Date Palms, take a longer time to grow than most other palms and are like miniature palm trees.  They have spikes along their trunks.  Wonderful palm for suburban house landscapes.  They add a lot of class and have an estate feeling to them.
The Fishtail Palm is a beautiful, thick, palm that is great for planting around sheds or other areas you would like a visual barrier.  It adds lush green to the landscape.
Bright red berries on three are also called Christmas Berries. This quaint palm can be grown in groups of two or three also for a small island effect.  Beautiful addition to any landscape.
Foxtail Palms are single palms, like pillars grown from the ground.  Plant them along your drive way or walk way for an estate like feel.
Beautiful Orchid Flowers bloom on this amazing Japanese Orchid Tree.
Bottle Neck:
Hyophorbe lagenicaulis
Wodyetia bifurcata
Manila Palm:
Adonidia merrillii
Japanese Orchid Tree:
Clusia rosea
Phoenix Palm:
Royal Palm:
Roystonea regia
Traveler Palm:
Ravenala madagascariensis
Triangle Palm:
Dypsis decaryi
Areca Palms:
Dypsis lutescens
Chinese Plumeria stay small throughout their lives.  They are beautiful and quaint.  The flowers and leaves are just like their larger cousins, but this entire plant is like a bonsai.
Ponytail plants are so unique in their beauty.  Thick at the base and then thinning out through the trunk to a palm like crown, Ponytails add interest to the landscape.  They are drought resistant too!
Field Stock Coconuts: 
Cocos nucifera